The Dark Matters 

The Void

It started off with hugs then it turned to drugs, it started off with toys then it turned to boys, just to forget feelings we couldn't avoid. It started off with a kiss then it turned to a fist, it started off with ice-cream swirls then it turned to girls, just to fill the void.

What happens after your hips are sore and you can't walk?

What happens after you're tired of her and her pillow talk?

What happens after you're married to the princess and the dragon has been slain?

Because I know you'll feel the void once again.

It finished off with glue then she turned to you, it finished off with regret then you tried to forget but it was just nine months ago. It finished off with her tears and all your fears it finished of with a rest then she cried on your chest but you were fast asleep so...

What happens after your hips are sore and you can't walk? What happens after you're tired of hearing his pillow talk? What happens after you're married to the prince and your demons have been tamed?

Because the void will still know your name.


Slashed wrists, bruises on her head. Unexplained red stains soaked into her bed. Unexplained red stains all over her clothes. Just a little more now as the darkness begins to grow. Pain is such a bore until you overdose. Who cares if she does it just to make herself feel right? Who cares if she does it to make her mind take flight? Our demons are only revealed in the darkest of nights.

What does it matter if the knife goes on the cake, at least she doesn't have to ache. What does it matter if the knife goes in with a twist at least it's not going on her wrist. What does it matter if the knife goes on her wrist, at least it's not going in her chest. What does it matter if the knife goes in her chest, maybe, just maybe, it's for the best.

Blemishes on your face are like the landmarks of a town. Still you've laid foundations to conceal your frown. So you keep on keeping to yourself, 'cause you've discovered the truth, that people are bad for your health.

There's no method to the madness that keeps you sane, I know you're not looking for happiness just a little less pain.

I know you can win the fight over those seas, don't give in to your demons of the night. Don't overdose please.

Midnight Men

We're the ones who collect the papers in the morning, wide awake through the night when you're snoring. Spare some time to think of us but if you don't, the world keeps spinning, we still work alone. I'm staring at you across the table, half asleep but still willing and able, and In my mind you wearing a crown, darling I'll never let you down.


My days are no longer bright, honey I wish I could stay with you tonight.


We're the midnight men, we're working through the night again. Providing a life we'll never see, the silent army you'll never meet. We're the midnight men, taking the midnight train, we've learned to embrace our tired hearts, we'll only see the sun as it departs.


Sometimes I can be as cold as a stone, guess it just comes with being on my own. Maybe this storm will end and if it does I'll never forget the way life once was. Coming home as you're leaving, I'll never let you see me grieving, I hope that you realise, and see past my sleepless eyes.


Don't blame the humble security guard when he falls asleep at his post. You don't know the kind of life he's had but one things for sure it's been harder than most. Waking up as the sunsets, seems to me like quite a strange concept, and I've been wondering how many sleepless nights it takes to be an overnight success.


He was so used to doing it all on his own, from the moment he was born, to when he was fully grown. It's not hard to see why, it's easier I guess to trust yourself over again until you reach success.

Don't you agree? Darling stay close to me.


The truth that's always had me frightened as harsh as I know it may sound is that no man is an island, no matter how much gold he's found.

I think you should know emotions will never stop time. Don't leave me alone with my mind. Now these memories just weigh me down. I tried to escape by swimming out to sea, but now I think I might just drown.


It's been eighteen years, filled with laughter and a river of tears, now I think I've got the soul of a tired, old man. The things we have and the things we can see are the only things that matter, or so it seems to be, especially when things are going as planned.

Everything we know everything we have won't forever belong to us. Everything we own, everything we are is all vanity I just hope when they're gone you're strong enough.

Two-hundred and sixteen months of playing it safe and stupid stunts, now I know the sun will rise, the sun will set.

But if your obsessions lie within worldly possessions then I hate to say but one day you'll regret.

I hate to be the one to say this but we all know it's true so why pretend, all the things we have we will one day miss, because everything must come to an end.

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